Paddles Built Like Bison


Custom stitched grip provides excellent comfort and handling. 


Power / Placement

All Bison Paddles come equipped with a premium graphite face and polymer honeycomb core, ensuring superior power and placement on the court.  



Untitled design (2).png

Superior Style

Play in style with our unique paddle designs. With a Bison Paddle, you are guaranteed compliments every time that you play. 




Rugged Durability

Bison Paddles are built to last. Guaranteed by our six month warranty, you won't have to worry about a thing. 



"This paddle works great. I’ve had 3 different brands before this, and the Bison paddle’s the best one yet. The ball reacts to both spin and drop shots, (dinks). The paddle IS smaller in width than most beginner paddles, but I try to hit the ball in the middle of the paddle so it hasn’t affected my shot at all. Actually it’s been easier to get in position to return tough shots. I’ll recommend the Bison Paddle to everyone that wants an upgraded, well built, great playing pickleball paddle."

- Andrew Wood

"I am a beginning Pickleball player-I read the reviews on this paddle and decided to try it-Love it -the shape and width of the face is perfect and handle length just right. I have been recommending this brands to the other players I know, most who are more advanced!"

- Michi Cardwell