About Bison Paddles

One day two pickleball players went searching for pickleball paddles that were graphically pleasing, durable, and well priced. To their disappointment, all they could find were expensive, bland paddles with no power to them. Instead of settling for just any old paddle, they went out to create cool looking, durable pickleball paddles for a reasonable price

Headquartered in the rugged mountains of Northern Utah, ​we developed a paddle that will not only leave your opponents jealous of your style, but will pack a punch in each match. 

Why Bison you ask? Let us explain:


The Mighty Bison



Did you know Bison can charge at a speed of 35 mph? Bison are also extremely agile for their size! Our paddles are designed to provide strong shots on the court but are also fast and easy to handle. 


Adult Bison can weight up to 2,000 lbs. In addition to their size, they also have menacing horns that discourage predators from messing with them. Bison Paddles come with a unique and rugged design, that is sure to insight fear in any worthy opponent. The quality graphite face and nice handle allow for power in every shot. You'll be saying "Bison Smash!" in no time. 



One common experience for players who use Bison Paddles is the "Bison Smash!" In order for a Bison Smash to be properly executed, several criteria needs to be fulfilled: 

1. The pickleball must be above the shoulder in height

2. The player must hit the pickleball on the "sweet spot" of the paddle

3. The paddle being used must be a Bison Paddle



Rare video footage of a Bison Smash in action


Daniel Warren after performing a Bison Smash. Dan later recalled, "I felt all-powerful."