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A 2020 Pickleball Paddle Guide - Everything You Need To Know

What pickleball paddle is right for you? With so many options out there in the market, it’s easy to get a headache looking over all the models available. Our guide will help make this decision a breeze!

#1: What's Your Budget?

Pickleball paddles are just like any other product. They can range from cheap to expensive depending on what your budget is. Be sure to check non-biased reviews to gauge if a paddle is really worth the price tag. Knowing how much you’d like to spend will narrow down the options more efficiently.

#2: How Often Do You Play?

Are you retired and playing pickleball every other day? Or do you only have time to play once a month? Think about how much time you plan on playing and how much wear and tear your paddle will go through. If you only plan on playing a few times in the summer, you might consider buying a cheaper wooden set off of Amazon. On the other hand, if you’re playing in tournaments on the weekly, you should consider buying a high-end graphite paddle that will last for at least a year or two.

#3: Identify Your PP's (Paddle Priorities)

There are plenty of factors that go into your pickleball paddle. Sometimes you have to pick and choose what qualities matter most to you. Here’s some to consider:

- Power: do you want more of a punch to your shots? Graphite paddles with honeycomb cores set the standard for having a pickleball paddle that produce the power.

- Spin control: different paddles have different surfaces. If you’re at a level where you can spin the ball, check out paddles with better grip on the surface.

- Weight: a heavier paddle might allow you to hit harder, but it also weighs more and could slow you down. Find a paddle that’s a good medium for you.

- Design: you want to have a paddle that looks good to you. Some brands just want to show off their logo whereas other are more style-conscious.

In Conclusion

Pickleball paddles come in all shapes and sizes. Using our guide to narrow down your paddle purchase will make it an easy and simple process. Have fun finding what works best for you! Don’t forget that if you want a quality paddle with a quality design, Bison Paddles has you covered!

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